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...tells a story and our clients are its heros.

We define our success by your results…

Since 2011, we have provided multiple clients with outstanding management consulting services. We focus on our clients’ most critical issues and opportunities: strategy, marketing, operations, technology, transformation, and sustainability across industries and geographies. Equipped with deep, functional expertise, and result-oriented perspective and approach, we provide our clients with customized solutions to fully optimize their resources and potentials to galvanize growth.

  • Strategy
    Bringing method to the madness Outdated operating models are counterproductive. Cumbersome processes and operations hinder growth. Businesses can always do things better – Businesses always have to rethink how they run their operations, with the help of our industry-savvy consultants, we improve performance, enhance productivity and drive growth initiatives across industry sectors.
  • Operations
    In business, growth is an imperative, not an option At Tettragon, we help our clients to fully and comprehensively tap into available resources to spur growth and achieve their strategic business goals. We open our clients to a world where effective strategy implementation, coupled with lower costs, process improvements, and focused bottom-line methodologies, drive organizational/business success.
  • Marketing
    Knowledge is Wealth Insight and practicality are key components of service offering to our clients. Our strategy and marketing services include: Customer insight and segmentation We provide a study of customer needs and patterns and the consequent effect on segmentation. Through this, we identify and define “the customer”. Consequently, a targeted, streamlined, focused, informed customer segmentation eradicates waste, optimizes resources and archives spot-on results. Product and category management Our clients depend on us to provide well-articulated information that helps them develop differentiated products and services to deliver the cutting edge required to outperform competition. Pricing Developing, growing and sustaining revenue flow is critical to any enterprise; at Tettragon, we provide information that guides the pricing conundrum into a pricing structure that fits into the short and long term goals of our clients. Sales and channel effectiveness The route to the market is critical to any enterprise. Now I have a great product, how do I get it into the hands of my customer? We help with that. Marketing and brand strategy We help to ensure that marketing and branding cost is not a sunk cost through the direct alignment of the overarching business objectives with the marketing and brand strategy. We provide guidance on building brand loyalty through customer partnership and trust. Customer experience and loyalty The very essence of business sustainability is the capability to value customer experience and develop strategies that inculcate a sense of ownership by the customer in the product, promoting brand loyalty – we guide you through this process.
  • Information Technology
    Meeting real world challenges – Doing things that are difficult and important Does your company’s technology support your business strategy? At Tettragon, we help our clients develop synergetic relationship between their businesses and technology requirements. Our consultants and IT professionals assist businesses ensure that their IT infrastructure and operating models are agile and effective.
  • Financial Management
    Helping to achieve return on financial investments Founded on well enshrined principles and best practices, our team of Certified Public Accountants [CPAs] utilize in-depth knowledge of financial and accounting operations to help our clients be more efficient. Tettragon ‘s Financial Management Services offer a “one-stop-shop” for end-to-end project review & analysis, financial planning, budgeting, performance metrics, accounting and systems implementation support.
  • Government Contracting
    We have built a winning tradition At Tettragon, we help small and large businesses win government contracts through proposal development, capture management, and market assessment services. Our proposal development experts, capture managers and production team are responsive in meeting proposal submission deadlines. Our writers have expertise in preparing executive summary, technical, management, staffing, past performance, transition, resumes, quality assurance, risk management, and price narratives.
  • Professional Staffing
    Simply put, we find the right people, with the right skills, for the right job We bridge the expertise demand-supply gap through an innovative, best-in-class recruiting system and process, backed by a dedicated client-centric service focus. We help government agencies and companies of all sizes find the talent they need to augment their staffing for contract-to-hire and direct hire basis. At Tettragon, developing long-term staffing strategies has been a critical component of our operations. We are committed to providing the highest quality talent in multiple areas across industry sectors. Proven Expertise Cultivating a deep understanding of each client allows us to provide customized solutions to meet their business requirements. Our structure and systems are developed to harness our resources to meet the growing professional staffing needs of our clients in the following professional categories: Human Resources Information Technology Accounting & Finance Call Center Sales & Marketing Engineering Technology Healthcare Project Management
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